Ton Orga Photography

Week thirty-eight


Some of you probably know that I work as a software engineer, and that since some time I’m really interested in mobile development. Well, one of the cool things about the mobile development is that it can always surprise me with a small, ingenious and useful piece of software, which most of the times comes from small teams or startups.

Last week I discovered one of this little gems: PhotoIRmote (For Android). I was looking for a remote trigger for some time but, apart from being quite expensive for what they do, those devices just work for a group of camera models. This app does the same for almost all DSLR brands and models which have an IR sensor. You only need to weld two IR LEDs to an audio jack cable, that’s all, and it’s well explained in their website.

With the minimum requirements for night photography reached, Alba & me went to “Les Maioles” to take pictures of the Perseids. Unluckily we had two problems: On the one hand, the moon light and, on the other hand, the fog that covered the whole place.

Finally, on the way back, I saw a straw bale in a field in front of the electrical substation. The picture itself has not much sense, but it was fun to play with light painting. For the lighting I used a LED torch and color cellophane paper.

Location: Les Maioles
Camera: Nikon D80 + AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4G — Focal length: 50mm (75mm equivalent)
Aperture: 11.0f — Speed: 60”  — ISO: 100

No bonus pictures…