Ton Orga Photography

Week seventeen

= FIGHT! =

A complicated week, the seventeenth …
I wanted to take a picture related to the International Working Women’s Day, but I couldn’t find any good idea or inspiration or whatever you want to call it …

I was turning it over in my mind on how to represent the working woman, and I couldn’t find any better example than my own grandmother:
Angelina was born in 1916 (sure, ready to dance the Charleston!), and is part of a generation of women who enjoyed the progress of the republic and the subsequent rights lost during the fascism.
Before the war she worked sewing patterns for a dressmaker at Passeig de Gràcia 18, just above J. Roca jewelry. During the war, she often had to run to work from Carretera de Sants, where she lived.
Is was also this generation of women who left the work for love, in this case to go to a small town during the postwar (you can imagine the change) and take over the house duties while collaborating in the family businesses.
She was able to do all this and more, raise two children, and for life circumstances, three grandchildren when it was time for her to rest.
Now, about to reach 95, she regrets she cannot do all what she used to do because she has lost quite a lot of vision!
Not only her, but his whole generation, deserve this recognition and justify even more the fight for the woman / man equality.

Technically I don’t like the picture, but the opportunity was worth it. I’ve used two flashes fired in manual mode. The first points to the wall and is set to 1/64 and the second is mounted in a SoftBox and is set to 1/128.

Location: Home
Camera: Nikon D80 + AF-S Nikor 14-24mm 1:2.8G — Focal length: 17mm (25mm equivalent)
Apperture: 3.2f — Speed: 1/40”  — ISO: 100