Ton Orga Photography

Week eighteen


I’ve been expecting a rainy day like Saturday for a long time… I’ve never tried to take an outdoors picture under this conditions before, and I must say it was quite fun!

The main problem was that I wanted the rain to appear on the picture, so I decided to use a second flash (the main one was inside the umbrella) and fire it from the left side perpendicularly to the camera and between it and the subject (My friend Laia). The result was far different from what I expected, the whole scene was whitened and the water drops seemed dust spots. After several tries I couldn’t find the right setup so I decided not to use this second flash and try to make the water drops appear afterwards on post-edition. You can assess the result by your own…

From this week I conclude that I really need some course about lighting, both studio and outdoors. Do you know about some interesting one? Please let me know!

Thanks Laia and Dad for your help!

Location: La Llacuna
Camera: Nikon D80 + AF-S Nikor 50mm 1:1.4G — Focal length: 50mm (75mm equivalent)
Apperture: 1.4f — Speed: 1/40”  — ISO: 400