Ton Orga Photography


So here I should write a few words about me…

Well, I was born in La Llacuna, a little village in Catalonia where things move, or at least,  moved slow.
I studied Computer Science at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and later at Ulm’s Universität in Germany. After some time working on .Net project development, I currently make my living as a software engineer at a regional hospital.

I define myself as a passionate about everything I see, read or hear about, mostly AI, brains and photography, and lately about mobile development.

This photography blog started with a 52 week project with the single intention of forcing me to read, practice and learn as much as I can. By the time I write this words I can not say if it is going to last longer than those 52 weeks, time will tell, but by the way please feel free to comment on it!